Irish Eyes Slots

When it comes to gambling and luck, there’s no greater symbol of it than the luck of the Irish. That’s probably why there are so many slot games out there with Irish themes, but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to find the best. Thankfully, we have the Irish Eyes Slots, one of the best Irish-themed online slot games around.

Irish Eyes – The Luck of the Irish

As you might imagine, there is a very powerful Irish motif for Irish Eyes, both on and off of the actual game itself. The color scheme of the entire setup is full of the colors of the rainbow, though green and gold make their presence known with their dominance. Aside from that, a background full of Ireland’s signature green scenery provides quite the relaxing and charming aesthetic.

The game itself makes gratuitous use of Irish symbolism as well. Its many reels depict the signature images of leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, four leaf clovers, and the Irish lady: practically everything you would expect from an Irish themed slot game, with a few aces thrown in for good measure. Long story short, it’s one of the most Irish feeling online slot machines out there, for anyone that wants some lucky charm in their games of chance.

Irish Eyes Features

While we all enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the games we play, when it comes down to it what we really care about is the game itself: how it works, and how much we can gain from it. Thankfully the Irish Eyes Slots is full of game features that increase your chances of experiencing a wonderful day in the form of a great payout. With five reels and twenty-five pay lines, Irish Eyes has many avenues to success, especially when you take their generous bonuses into account. Irish Eyes not only has free spins available from time to time, but a Pick Me Up bonus round as well. In this bonus round you can win up to twelve free spins and up to one hundred times your bet, for quite the hefty reward.

Irish Eyes Slots

Aside from those special bonuses, the game also operates with the regular scatters, wilds, and symbols you are familiar with, and best of all, it doesn’t require a download of any sort. All you have to do is hop online and start playing to your heart’s content.

Needless to say, Irish Eyes does a particular job, and it does it very well. When you want an online slot that not only provides the chance to make big money, but also a certain appeal for you to enjoy, you can’t get any more Irish than this. With the right atmosphere and a heavy emphasis on the luck of the Irish as your route to victory, Irish Eyes Slot provides a fun, profitable, and relaxing way to spend a little free time and possibly make a good bit of money on the side. Who said profit couldn’t be fun?

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